Monday, July 18, 2005

Trashing the Steinway

I just thought I'd pass this along. At work I recently purchased a pair of really nice piano microphones (Audix SCX-25's, for you audio geeks). I was considering permanently mounting them to the piano. Permanent mics have three advantages: it would keep the mics in better shape, as mics are usually damaged during handling, not during use; it would provide consistent microphone placement; and, I'm lazy and wouldn't have to attach and position the mics every time I wanted to use them. So, I called our piano tuner, Fred, to ask him about this. Here's a rough transcript of the conversation:

Jeff: Hey, Fred! I just got some new piano mics that I'd like to mount to the piano. Can you tell me, where's a good place to drill holes in the piano to run the wires?
Fred: [long pause] You want to drill holes.
Jeff: Yes.
Fred: In the Steinway.
Jeff: They'll be little holes.
Fred: In the nine-foot concert grand Steinway.
Jeff: Yes. To run wires through. It'd be nice if the wires could go out the bottom.
Fred: So, you want to know where to drill holes through the SOUNDING BOARD of your Steinway, so you can run wire.
Jeff: Yes, that's right.
Fred: Oh. That would be NOWHERE. No. Where.

So I'm not permanently mounting the microphones. Fred's happy.